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March 24, 2011 / jwaxo


From what I can recall, I played my first video game (of the computer variety) in the early 90’s, probably when I was 4. To my knowledge, it was the ever-awesome Captain Comic for MS-DOS, an almost-blatant ripoff of Super Mario Bros.  It was a one-man effort with a very slight story, an interestingly traversabled and looping world, and fireballs that went in a straight line instead of bouncing. The game was popular enough to warrant a sequel, and popular enough in my family to warrant that sequel as a gift from Santa addressed to all of us, even my parents. Captain Comic 2: Fractured Reality was my first game with a save system, and I remember sometimes loading up my parents’ saves and looking at them with awe, wondering how in the world they managed to get all of those Blasta Cola cans, were that far in the game.

All games have dramatic lighting, even MS-DOS ones.All games have dramatic lighting, even MS-DOS ones.

There was something about it that fascinated me. Not that game in particular, but all of them, continually, as they appeared in Christmas boxes or in used game stores or at garage sales. I’m not certain if video games have been the single greatest influence on my life, which is nearing on its twenty-fourth year, but they have been a continual force. There were the battles with my siblings on who got to play Zelda, the weighty decision to sell the NES in favor of a Sega, the year I gave up games for Lent, the hours wasted in high school planning for a huge adventure game, the college afternoons spent fine-tuning models for the lowest polycount. All-in-all, it’s been a longish ride from Captain Comic to today, where I have at last found myself an adult in the adult world, finally settling in, and, when I think about it, there are a hell of a lot of goofy, thought-provoking, and rather rambly stories that I could probably tell. Well, that I will tell.

I have a list.

However, not all lists have dramatic lighting. They have to be on fancy paper for that.However, not all lists have dramatic lighting. They have to be on fancy paper for that.

It’s written on the back of an envelope that I found on my desk when I realized I could probably piece a number of the stories into approximately episodic formats. I shall attempt to update twice a week until the list runs out, which it shouldn’t, as there is a lot of space on the envelope.

I may even upgrade to a white board at some time.

In any case, that’s my introduction. I hope that my writing isn’t too peppered with commas, and I’m trying to use the “fun pictures” gimmick to drum up interest. Thanks for checking me out, and keep an eye on this space.


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